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Stop “Donating” to Goodwill. Stop “Donating to Thrift Shops!

Thrift store prices are way too high, for items they get for free. 100% profit. Make prices more affordable for those with less.

I’ve always donated the things I no longer wanted or needed. Things from exes I no longer wanted to look at. Stuff that took up too much room, or things I felt deserved a better home; To places like Goodwill and Saver. Although I’ve never shopped there myself. Recently I’ve been on this kick to save more money, so I run there when I’m in need of things like, a winter jacket and a new book, or series. (I’ve recently started reading a lot more and books can be expensive) Especially at bookstores, right? I’m currently looking for the Alice book series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (after stumbling upon 3 of her books) that have 3 books in one at a really great deal, $2.99 each! Alice’s middle school years on Amazon start around $74.67. So I’ve basically been there every day for the past two weeks. Shopping at any thrift shop I can find. Then something hit me. Since I can’t find the books I want, sometimes I browse. Most days buying nothing; for one, I’m not in need of anything, and for two, I haven’t caught any deals on things I’d like to buy.

So BAM! It hits me. Yes it’s nice to buy things at lower prices and it depends what you’re in the market for and what you’re willing to pay. But, aren’t these items donated? Free to these organizations who can put any price they want and still receive 100% profit. $30.00 for a comforter that someone else has slept in, had sex on and probably spilled their breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner on? Also accumulated a lot of wear and tear, been through the wash and life. $30.00?? When you can go to Walmart and find a brand new comforter at $25.00. (A couple months ago I bought my sister an entire Queen size set for $35.00). I got this bright idea to sell all my unwanted items for $1.

That’s $3.99 for one used (free) notebook. Most likely with missing pages. The second notebook, written on the front says ‘Admin 400’ and goes for $6.99)
(This puzzle was probably left over from a yard sale going for 15 cents, meanwhile Savers is selling it for $1.99. More just like it in the store. Dollar Tree has 500 piece puzzles for $1.00)

I made $97.00 on the items I sold for $1, it took me all of 3 minutes. From a man who was in so much shock and gave me another bright idea, for times when it may take me longer to sell out or for the items I don’t sell. I’ll donate to a charity who helps individuals and families free of cost. Charities looking out for the greater good and not their pockets. I’m sitting here thinking, I’m going to donate all these items to a thrift shop, who is going to make a substantial amount of money off 97 items they got for free, when I could make at least a dollar off each, giving them away I’d walk away with nothing, not even a warm heart knowing the items will do some good. It’s a good thing to donate to charity and a long time ago I do believe these kind of organizations were built to help the greater good, but as we all have seen, a business (just like Walmart) starts off with cheap and simple prices, and once they know the consumer will pay more, they gradually increase the cost.

Mixed used crayons


I understand we all have to pay the rent, we all have bills and in order to keep a business afloat they need to make money… Anything they sell they are making a 100% profit, they aren’t even providing people who donate a percentage off their next visit or any type of coupons. Give where it matters. Give where it counts. Most of the items you can find for the same price brand new in other stores. I’m not saying it’s not worth shopping or donating to thrift stores, but if you are donating because you want to help someone in need, find a real charity or a good church.

Thin sweatshirt. I’d rather pay $13 for a new one.
Dirty laundry bucket. No decency to wipe it down a little bit.

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