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Tomorrow isn’t promised. Do it today.

Tomorrow is never promised. So if you're going to do something, do it now. Do it with love and handle people with care.

How many times have we found ourselves hitting the snooze button on our annoying little reminder that we’ve made it to another day? How many times have we thought or begged for “Five more minutes!”? Not realizing those extra five minutes could mean beating the long line at Dunkins. Avoiding the traffic on I-93. It could make the difference of being late or being on time for work. It could make the difference of buying the winning scratch off ticket. No, I’m serious, the person in line before you bought the ticket that was meant for you, had you not taken those five extra minutes.

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How many times have we put off doing something until tomorrow when we have the time today? My mom had plans for “tomorrow”, but unfortunately, tomorrow never came for her. But it did for me, and everyone else who made it to another day, that day. No matter the choices we make. No matter if we make it to tomorrow or our time simply just runs out, the world we know continues, with or without us. Whether or not you believe there is life after death, and we all will be resurrected, and come back with a different name and a different family. Or if you believe we are granted a second chance to do all the things we said we would do, but never got the chance, because we never made the time or we were too afraid to do it, life goes on. I am not sure if we do make an appearance in our sequel of life, but what I do know as long as we are breathing we are capable of just about anything.

“Rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day”

– Steve Harvey

You don’t just wake up one day and say “Hey I’m going to be successful” without taking the steps to make that happen. Now-a-days you can become successful or famous for just about anything. My niece, who is six and my nephew, who just turned three, watch YouTube videos of kid’s playing with toys all day. While their toys are thrown about on the floor, broken and missing pieces everywhere. Some of these video’s have more than 1M views. And here I am struggling to gain 100 views or followers on my blog. TOY’S! Really? Stuffed animals, Barbie dolls, bubbles?? It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to work. How many times have you given up on something because you weren’t where you thought you were suppose to be? Because you didn’t have 1M follower’s? DON’T GIVE UP BEFORE THE MIRACLE HAPPENS! Don’t give up at all. Value those who do follow you. It’s never been about the quantity it’s about the quality. All it takes is 1 out of your 12 follower’s to know somebody who knows somebody. Who has a follower with 1M followers and shares your thoughts.

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Do what you love and love what you do, everything else will follow. Have you ever found yourself studying and becoming so tired? I mean you’re falling asleep at your desk, ready to tuck yourself in and call it night. Then you take a break from studying and start working on your craft, and then you’re suddenly not that tired anymore? That was me about twenty minutes ago. If you’ve never found yourself in that situation I advise that you try it. No one gets where they want to be if they keep prolonging the effort. Procrastination killed many dreams. Work on your craft everyday. Do what you love to do and love what you do. There’s enough pie for everyone to get a slice. Or if you like pizza, there’s enough of that too. Jealousy holds a lot of people back. It takes 0.00000003 seconds to hit the button that shows your support of another person. Now-a-days the lack of support comes from people who watch what you do, but don’t support you publicly. Everyone is afraid someone else might one up them.

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Show up, show support, and handle other’s with care. We are all trying to do our best , to be our best , to give our best. You never know what it took for someone to get out of bed this morning. How many tears they mask with smiles. You never know how many battles they fought or how many wars they have been through. Be nice. Be kind. Hug someone today. This world lacks affection, which leads to a lack of caring. In 2021 Let’s bring back world peace. Help a stranger, judge less and give the homeless man a dollar, it might be his only means to something to eat. Get to know someone, before you tell yourself who you think they are. And I promise acts of kindness everyday can bring out the best in someone and bring out the best in ourselves, making it possible for everyone to feel they are worth it and they too can become successful and the best versions of themselves. That hug or your words of encouragement can keep a person breathing for one more day. If someone walks by you and you lie their socks, tell them, you could have just met a potential new friend. Love other’s, love yourself, and FOLLOW your dreams, some days it’s the only thing we have to look up to.


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    Don’t Wait Till


    Or Yesterday

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    Or Not No Matter

    If You Are

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    Just Do It

    N O W

    Your Free



    Song Now☺️💫


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